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SMA Sealing Flange

HA1108 is a vacuum-sealed SMA butt flange developed by us for RF interconnection in scenarios such as extremely low temperature and high vacuum.The flange is sintered and formed of stainless steel, which has reliable mechanical strength.

Measured leakage rate<1E-11 cc/sec@1 atm heliumo

Parameter Details

HA1108 Technical Data Sheet

Connector typeSMA(Female) To SMA(Female) 
Installation formBulkhead Mount
External sizeL*Dia=27*13 mm
Helium leakage rate<1E-11 cc/sec@1 atm helium
Operating temperature-65 to +165 deg c

Electrical Specifications

Frequency rangeDC-18 GHz
Characteristic impedance50 Ω
VSWR<1.25: 1@ 18 GHz

Material Specifications

Inner conductorBeryllium Copper
Insulating layerPTFE
Outer conductorStainless Steel (Gold Plating Option)