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1K Multi-channel cryostat

The requirements of our customers are perfectly satisfied by our set of cryostats, cryostat products, covering the temperature range from 0.3K to 4.2K.

Based on GM cryocooler, the cooling capacity of P-CS-4K series products is optional between 0.1W and 1W at 4.2K.

Based on GM cryocooler and adsorption cryocooler module, the cooling capacity of P-CS-0.3K/1K series products is 100µW at 300mK/850mK.

Parameter Details

Performance parameterP-CS-1K-ProCP-CS-0.3K-ProC
Lowest temperature850mK300mK
Cryocooler solutionG-M and sorptionG-M and sorption
Cooling capacity100μW @ 850mK100μW @ 350mK
Temperature stability±25mK±25mK
Continuous operationYesOptional
RF connectorSMASMA
DC connectorOptionalOptional
Optical interfaceFC optional fiber or customized free space coupling