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Low Temperature Silicon Diode Thermometer

The DT-series silicon diode temperature sensor we launched uses a special silicon diode chip, which has more stable low-temperature operating characteristics than the silicon diodes on the market before.In the temperature measurement range of 1.8K~325K, the DT-series follows the standard voltage and temperature response curve, and has a higher temperature measurement sensitivity below 30K. It is suitable for extremely low temperature measurement. At the same time, it has good interchangeability and does not require separate calibration in general applications.

Parameter Details

Recommendation incentive10μA±0.01μA
Maximum reverse voltage70V
Damage the maximum currentContinuous 1mA or pulse 100mA
Power consumption under 10µA excitation16μW@4.2K;10μW@77K;5μW@300K
SD package response time10ms@4.2K;100ms@77K;200ms@305K
Magnetic field influenceIt is recommended to be used in a magnetic field at a low temperature of only 50K, and the mounting surface of the thermometer
Radiation effectsOnly recommended for use in low-level radiation