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The Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector (SNSPD) is a quantum-limit superconducting optical detector based on the Cooper-pair breaking effect by a single photon. Photon technology (Photec) provides the high-performance SNSPDs with higher detection efficiency, lower dark count rate, higher counting rate, and lower timing jitter, that have been widely applied in the fields of quantum communication, computating, LiDAR, and bioimaging, etc. 

Our SNSPD advantages: High efficiency up to 98%, Low DCR less than 0.02 cps, MMF coupling SNSPD with low DCR and SNSPD or MIR wavelengths. The distinctive parameters of our SNSPD have received positive feedback from the market. For instance, our SNSPD with high detection efficiency up to 98% was used in the world's first experiment to verify the superiority of optical quantum computing. Our low DCR SNSPD, less than 0.02cps, was used in the 1000 km long-distance QKD experiment. Our large sensitive area SNSPD with multimode fiber coupling technology was applied in LiDAR system, and so on.  

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