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Low vibration thermostat

Ultra-low vibration sample chamber

On the air flotation platform, the vibration isolation structure between the refrigerator and the sample chamber is designed to achieve ultra-low vibration of the sample chamber.

Installation base: passive air flotation platform

Minimum temperature: ≤3.0K

Z-axis vibration:<100nm

X/Y axis vibration:<100nm

Parameter Details

In order to meet the needs of users' customized systems, we can provide the following additional upgrade options on the basis of conventional cryogenic systems. You need to specify in advance when placing an order.

01/ Precise temperature control

Through the use of a combination of passive and active temperature control methods, the precise temperature control requirements between 3K and 60K are realized.

Temperature control range


Optimal temperature control accuracy±0.5mK

02/ Magnetically shielded sample chamber

The shielding cavity is made of special permalloy that maintains high permeability at low temperatures to achieve the magnetic shielding effect on the cavity.

Sample holder materialOxygen-free copper
Surface treatmentNon-magnetic gold plating
Shield materialcryoperm
DC cable materialNb-Ti twisted pair cable
Remanence strength≤100nT

03/ Optical window

The vacuum-sealed window sheet and low-temperature filtering are used to realize the coupling of the user's optical path with the low-temperature sample.

Window piece materialCoating observation window
Window sizeTypical 2 inch
Window formRemovable flange
Filter materialAccording to user needs
Filter bandTerahertz/mid-infrared, etc.

04/ Flange interface performance parameters

Flange specificationsKF25/40
Ultimate vacuum1E-8 mbar1E-12 mbar
Number of DC channels≤32≤32
Operating temperature-20℃~80℃20℃~80℃
Connection formSolderingSoldering
Pin diameter0.9 mm0.9 mm
Pin resistance<4.8 mOhm<4.8 mOhm

05/ DC cable performance parameters

Cable materialManganese copperPhosphor bronzeNb-Ti
Resistance @293K61 Ω/m8.7 Ω/m52 Ω/m
Wire diameter0.1 mm0.12 mm0.1 mm
Withstand pressure600 V600 V/
Thermal conductivity4 K0.5 W/(K*m)1.6 W/(K*m)/
10 K2 W/(K*m)4.6 W/(K*m)/
80 K13 W/(K*m)025 W/(K*m)/