Basic research on Quantum Physics

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2023 Year

Gaussian Boson Sampling with Pseudo-Photon-Number-Resolving Detectors and Quantum Computational Advantage. Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 150601, 2023.  <<View details


2021 Year

Field Demonstration of Distributed Quantum Sensing without Post-Selection. Physical Review X 11, 31009 (2021).  <<View details


2019 Year

Experimental measurement-dependent local Bell test with human free will. Physical Review A 99, 022115 (2019).  <<View details

Experimental demonstration of non-bilocality with truly independent sources and strict locality constraints. Nature Photonics 13, 687 (2019).  <<View details


Remote Blind State Preparation with Weak Coherent Pulses in the Field. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 100503, 1-6 (2019).  <<View details


2018 Year

Experimental preparation and verification of quantum money. Physical Review A 97, 032338 (2018).  <<View details


Challenging local realism with human choices. Nature 557, 212-216 (2018).  <<View details

Device-independent quantum random-number generation. Nature 562, 548 (2018).  <<View details


High-Speed Device-Independent Quantum Random Number Generation without a Detection Loophole. Physical Review Letters 120, 010503 (2018).  <<View details


Test of Local Realism into the Past without Detection and Locality Loopholes. Physical Review Letters 121, 080404 (2018).  <<View details


2017 Year

Entanglement swapping with independent sources over an optical-fiber network. Physical Review A 95, 032306 (2017).  <<View details


Experimental quantum digital signature over 102 km. Physical Review A 95, 032334 (2017).  <<View details


Experimental measurement-device-independent quantum digital signatures over a metropolitan network. Physical Review A 95, 042338 (2017).  <<View details


Entanglement swapping over 100 km optical fiber with independent entangled photon-pair sources. Optica 4, 1214 (2017).  <<View details


2016 Year

Observation of Quantum Fingerprinting Beating the Classical Limit. Physical Review Letters 116, 240502 (2016).  <<View details


Experimental quantum data locking. Physical Review A 94, 020301 (2016).  <<View details

Quantum teleportation with independent sources and prior entanglement distribution over a network. Nature Photonics 10, 671-675 (2016).  <<View details