Quantum computing

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2023 Year

Solving Graph Problems Using Gaussian Boson Sampling. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS (2023).  <<View details


2021 Year

Phase-Programmable Gaussian Boson Sampling Using Stimulated Squeezed Light. Physical Review Letters 127, 180502 (2021).  <<View details


2020 Year

Quantum computational advantage using photons. Science 8770, 1-9 (2020).  <<View details


2019 Year

Boson Sampling with 20 Input Photons and a 60-Mode Interferometer in a 1014 -Dimensional Hilbert Space. Physical Review Letters 123, 250503 (2019).  <<View details

2018 Year

Observation of Topologically Protected Edge States in a Photonic Two-Dimensional Quantum Walk. Physical Review Letters 121, 100502 (2018).  <<View details


Toward Scalable Boson Sampling with Photon Loss. Physical Review Letters 120, 230502 (2018).  <<View details


12-Photon Entanglement and Scalable Scattershot Boson Sampling with Optimal Entangled-Photon Pairs from Parametric Down-Conversion. Physical Review Letters 121, 250505 (2018).  <<View details